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About Us

About Us

We work as a team to best meet your financial needs now and in the future. We have offices throughout the state of New York including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Vestal and Poughkeepsie.

Our Team

Our Team

We work as a team to best meet your financial needs now and in the future. We have offices throughout the state of New York including Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Vestal and Poughkeepsie.

A look into our practice

It starts with our team. We hire ethical, hard-working individuals with a passion for finance and helping others.Our robust training programs ensure that we stay up to date with current events that may impact you. We provide you individually tailored financial analysis and guidance to help put you on the right path in reaching your financial goals. Our #1 priority is to provide recommendations that are in your own best interest.

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Strength and Stability

For over 160 years we have been around providing advice and strategies tailored to you, continuing a tradition of service we’ve honored since 1859.

A Trusted Partner

Along the way, we’ve gained respect as one of America’s leading financial service companies. And we’ve earned the trust of over 2.8 million clients and their families for generations to come.

Individualized Experience

Wherever you are on your journey and whatever financial well-being means to you, we meet you where you are. We strive for the best, alongside more than 4,330 other Equitable Advisor dedicated financial professionals within the company, located in communities all over the U.S.

Starting out

Starting out

Retirement may seem far away, especially when you’re setting out on your own and starting to figure out life. But it’s never too early to dream about your future, and it’s never too early to start saving.

Starting Out
Juggling midlife

Juggling midlife

There's a lot you've accomplished - and likely so much more you want to do. And then there are realities of your busy day-to-day. You deserve a moment to step back and take stock of your retirement plans as you build toward your future.

Your next chapter

Your next chapter

Whether you’re a few years away or counting the days, thinking about retirement is exciting. Knowing how your savings will support your passions, your health and your family is the peace of mind you’ve earned.

Next Chapter

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Our Promises

Our Promises

We Are Here for You

We get to know you and work with you as an individual, not a dollar amount or statistic.


When you have personal and practical questions, we will be ready with answers about the options that can help you make the most of what you’ve earned and saved.


We are a trusted partner to you and treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.


We listen to you, learn, and build on your existing assets – respecting the choices you’ve made and your plans for the future.


We are specialists in many different fields and work together to ensure you receive the right guidance for your situation.


We meet virtually or in-person and get to know a little bit more about you, your financial situation, and you get to know more about us and our process.

Data Gathering

So that we may begin your financial analysis, we gather hard and soft data specific to where you currently stand as well as what where you would like to see yourself financially in the future.


After crunching your numbers using sophisticated financial analysis tools, we present to you a strategy to help you reach your goals.


For better or worse, your life and financial situation may change from year to year. We review your accounts on an regular basis and adjust your plan if need be.



A host of financial tools to assist you.

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Educate yourself on a variety of financial topics.

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Financial terms from A to Z.

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A variety of educational content for your viewing.

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Helping School Administrators and Educators

As the top 403(b) provider in schools throughout the US, we work closely with educators and school administrators. Visit for more information. At a local level we have a partnership with SAANYS (School Administrators Association of New York State) and ASAR: Association of Supervisors & Administrators of Rochester. This partnership allows us to efficiently educate and provide financial guidance to educators and administrators in a strategic and effective manner.

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